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Credential features that will save you time and money

Credential™ has been designed so you decide what we do. Choose what you want it to do, our in-house developers will tailor it to your needs. Credential can:

Streamline your credit application process

Easy to complete, don’t go back and forth with your customers again.

Use electronic signatures

Have your clients electronically sign to save paper and time.

Increase automation

Design your workflow to automatically complete tasks that you need sone.

Improve efficiencies

Low touch, high quality. Level-up your credit management.

Enhance your credit management

Look professional and impress prospective customers from the start.

Go 100% paperless

Complete the entire application process with no printing!

Speed up delivery of credit applications

Access applications via email.

Document access

Review and access historical documents easily, saved and archived on NCILink.

Action from the Console

Approve and deny incoming applications via NCILink.

Register directly to the PPSR

Register your new clients on the PPSR with just a few clicks.

Download via PDF if required

Need a PDF? Easily download and share if required.

Access our Helpdesk

We have a team of experts on hand to walk you through any queries our questions you may have.

Benefits To You

Benefits of using Credential

Credential will add extra value to your business and safeguard your future.

Save yourself trime

Tailored to you and your business

Reduce errors

Reduce paperwork

Improve your efficiency

Improve your workflow

Low-cost set up

Making your work easier!